Centerpiece Idea for the Fall, NapkinTree

Been looking for an economical, creative and beautiful way to decorate your table for the holidays? Problem solved, with the new NapkinTree.  The NapkinTree is fun and functional centerpiece idea that's a paper napkin holder. Make your own creation by placing paper napkins in the NapkinTree using your favorite colors and themes for celebrations and holidays. You can add sparkles, streamers, flowers--anything you can dream of for economical, beautiful and original centerpiece ideas.  A Napkin Tree is perfect to combine with other centerpiece ideas that you make.


BEST (1).png

Centerpiece Ideas

By using fall colored napkins, leaves, feathers and miniature pumpkins an original and useful table centerpiece was born.  Other ideas; you can surround the NapkinTree with other holiday decor like flowers, dishes, and candles, (avoid lighted candles too close to your NapkinTree.)

If your thinking about Thanksgiving crafts and centerpiece ideas, a Napkin Tree is a blank canvas for your creativity.  Check out more centerpiece diy ideas at Pinterest.